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Just Another Day

March 23, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora



Today is just another day, seems like normal, I woke up without a headache or coughing and giving the WC a hug and good morning salute. Not too long ago that was the normal.

Normal is a concept that has definitely changed in this last couple years, today normal is not to get fined for not paying taxes, not going to the Police Dept to set an agreement to pay for damages, forgetting to pick up my daughter from school or decide that today I won’t open the restaurant for breakfast and the list could go on.

Sobriety is hard to understand,  it changes constantly, there is  many ways to live it as  it is personal and everyone is different, however it is the same as we are the same. One of our biggest flaws is our need and love for  “uniqueness”, we hate to be called as one of a group, we look to be different, to outstand the rest, still we do crazy things to be a part of something  because in the inside we want to belong. We don’t want the world to find out our flaws and we fight hard to hide the broken in us.

But Recovery is real, and it is available for everybody, sometimes it is hard and some others we feel it may be easy. It could be painful too, but incredibly rewarding. We lost a lot, but if we stay strong we win little bits every time all the time. And what is life but moments, bits of everything, good and bad, happy and sad, ups and downs, darkness and light; it is like that always and when we are able to understand it we can live life on life terms.

If you are thinking, working on or living Recovery stay strong…



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