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March 30, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora




Reality is so relative, we speak of it as the truth but we forget that there is a world in every mind and therefore a truth for every one. When I try to force others into my beliefs or what I call my truth I am  breaking the most important principle of all human relationships: RESPECT. I can share about my journey in recovery only as it has happened to me and how it has worked for good or bad in it and yes, many times something I say may clic into somebody’s experience at the moment and they can relate, but it doesn’t mean that my word is to be follow on its own right.

Recovery is personal, its a job inside each of one of us, and as it is true we need others and are others that help us found the way in the process, I can only break free from the bond of addictions when I am ready and I am doing the work.

Once I decided I wanted to get sober and clean, I went above and beyond, I did what I had to do, made hundreds of meetings, share, helped others, etc. But when I started getting my life together and things started going on track, I slowed down, I got a little complacent, I stop living my Recovery “fiercely”. This is a great way to describe the momentum I got when I first started my program. Once in a meeting I heard a lady said: ¨Sometimes I feel lost, I am so tired and life throws things that don’t come the way I expect, the way I want, and I feel that I want to pick up. This is when I turn  to my Higher Power and pray fiercely for strength and guidance to make it through and I do¨

I can’t say the same, I can’t pray, I drifted from religion many years back and simply, don’t know how to do it. But I still have a higher power, and that is the people like me, the women and men working everyday to stay sober and to help others that want what we got and are willing to go to any length to get it, to devote FIERCELY to this new way of living.

And this reminds me where I come from and what I have to do to stay clean. This is my REALITY, I have to understand it that way and know that as true as it is for me it is mine only. I share some of it with others that relate to bits of my story and I have to be there for them if they need me, but only if their REALITY  allows them.

Today, I am grateful, I am working everyday to be a better person, trying to make amends and fix what I can. I try to help others and be a part of the ¨REAL WORLD¨ too, I am willing to share what I have learned and to be there for whoever asks for help, but I don’t try to make anybody believe my truth or see life through my reality (that would take me back to my old self-centeredness), I can’t afford to go there.

Still, I have times when I get complacent and slow down, but there is always somebody that shares their journey and I relate, there is always someone who is there for me and willing to help me. Then I know I am a part of something, I know there are many who have my back and will be willing to help me to live this journey to the best of my abilities.

Stay strong, this is as simple as ONE DAY AT A TIME. Love and serve all.


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