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A New Life

April 6, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora



Many years spent chasing the perfect moment, the ultimate experience, trying to build a life that matches my expectations. That was for me as an addict the never ending story. The idea that I was in control therefore, I have the power to build a world where I would reign and obtain finally what I deserve, I will conquer and be happy for good and will never leave that state.

The result, everybody knows has nothing to do with this illusion or better said, delusion.

Once I surrendered and accepted who I am I discovered a new life, I see the world as it is and even find that all moments good or bad belong to my journey and come to me to help me grow.

I had the opportunity today to re-encounter friendships I thought I had lost,.I get the gift of meeting people for the first time or back again  that I never thought had  anything to teach me  about life, and yet now that I can pay attention, they open to me a world I wasn’t  able to see living in my tiny dark dungeon.

I can see that (like Joe Walsh well put it): LIFE’S BEEN GOOD TO ME SO FAR, and how lucky I am to be able to share moments with others and being able to let myself be humble and teachable to recognize someone who gives me knowledge or call it wisdom and accept this gift grateful.

Today I dont chase life, I embrace it with all its parts, I take care of myself and work in my character deffects in order to stay sober one day at a time so I can keep been given the opportunity to live this moments and many more.

Be humble, never forget, stay strong and be grateful one day at a time. Many of us didn’t make it. We’ve been given a second chance. LIFE IS GOOD.


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