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Sober up and keep going

May 27, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora




Dignitycommon sense, pragmatism, practicality, self-control, self-restraint…

Among other synonyms this is basically the definition. We all have listen to words of wisdom that click on us when we attend meetings. For me it was an old-timer that delivered one that made a solid impact in me: I havent drank alcohol in many years, however, I have to stop from time to time and ask myself

Am I living sober?

Dignity is made of self-esteem, people who live with it are considered being worthy of honor and respect. These are things that contrary to what I tried to show in the outside I was never good at. I presented facade of a strong, fun; caring person to people but inside I wasnt feeling enough and was completely self-centered.

Common sense, well no need to say that in the life of an addict this is the one thing I totally lack of. Everything in my behaviour was against it, after all the problems I caused and got into, I kept doing the same over and over until it almost killed me in order to ask for help.

Pragmatism and Practicality,  both of this again are even out of consideration in a world surrounded by chaos and instability. lies and deceit. Really nothing more to say.

Self control and Self-restraint this two especially sounded like a joke.

This looked like a lot more work, definitely stop drinking and using caused me a lot of problems and put me in dangerous or shameful situations. I had to stop before it got worse. Later in recovery I realized that there are too many more behaviors, bad habits I had to get rid of and many other skills and values I needed to learn if I was to be a productive, valuable and decent members of society.

I made meetings my primary goal when I just got clean, that and literature took good part of my time, It was a time when any excuse would make me pick up and from there anything would go. So being around AA and “my people” was pretty much what kept me in the right path. I needed to learn that there are many other things in life though, we have  professional, family and social relationships and the most important, the one with our own  self. And we have to work on all of this as well so, not drinking is just the beginning.

Three years and a half ago I was not struggling, I was fighting to death to keep myself away from my addictions, I would give anything to be able to stay sober for just a week. Listening to people with 15 years in recovery sounded like a far dream, today I am still not close to them but I feel even  this many years are too little time to enjoy life´s  journey.  It does get better and better.

Today I finally have been able to stay stopped. Sober for twenty-nine months i think : What is my goal now? What is next? Well, I am positive that finding out what to LIVE SOBER is. Besides of all the situations one experiences in life, good moments and memories enjoyed as well as the bad or unfortunate everyone had to endured, a particular ingredient is what in the end makes us find Hope and Purpose. Spirituality, is what allows human beings to accept reality.

Then, how do I apply all this everyday in order to live a life that is worth of respect, self-esteem, with common sense, self-restraint and  being able to deal with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical considerations? Honestly I can’t say I know, even understanding the concept feels hard to grab at once but I have no doubt based on how recovery has turned the mess my world was wrapped around into the gift  I get to wake up every morning to.








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  1. May 27, 2018

    You’re doing great…”keep coming back”! That AA expression, 3 words, means so much. Moving from “our head to our heart” is the longest trip an alcoholic will ever take. I heard that too, in early sobriety. Then I experienced it. So…we keep coming back!


    • Eduardo Glen Mora #
      May 27, 2018

      I appreciate your comment; I love the “moving from our head to our heart” concept. Thank you.

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