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There is no permanent success and won’t come without a fight either.

July 5, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora

Recovery never stops, and is not only about the work I have to maintain in order to build my spiritual strength and achieve personal growth. It is always bringing answers in the form of flashbacks of my old behavior.

It is so obvious where I was wrong, how I acted recklessly and so out of the basic common sense. It puts a cinic smile on my face cause there is no doubt today but it was not the case years ago. I didn’t have a clue, I was so wrapped in my egotistical little world I couldn’t se beyond my nose.

Sobriety brings this answers along as tools to cope today against my character defects. It comes with awareness that keeps my ego at bay so I can stay humble and look first at me and my actions before I judge others. Sometimes I fall in feeling that because of all the world I’ve done I can teach or guide others. I am not much different than when I was using but I recognize that just being able to stop 2 seconds after I exaggerate or brag about my spiritual fitness or lie or turn condescending and apologyse and correct cleaning my side of the street.

I am capable to live in gratitude for what I have and what life teaches me even in a bad day or through a bitter experience.

I have acceptance in my heart of who I am and know that I can use my mistakes as tools to be a better version of myself tomorrow.

I’ve learned and witness the importance of one step at a time in working a strong program in order to have a solid recovery.

Love is here.

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