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Nobody wants to say it

July 9, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora




We stay with our people and we protect anonymity for what it could cause to our fellowship, we respect how others wish to be seen and what they are comfortable of their private life to be public. In many occasions people who aren’t addicts or alcoholics don’t really get what we struggle with or the way we see things in our addiction. They wont either had experience nor being affected in their lives like we have. I can understand this, as a matter of fact we alcoholics do, we know the difference and have learned to respect and accept others point of view. Tolerance is a big tool for us selfish beings.

We learn to be discrete, sober, and quiet and don’t give our opinion unless its is required, and many times we succeed but we are not perfect, we just seek progress.

I try to keep this values. And as much as I can try to stay away from promoting my new lifestyle or the benefits of a life free of substance stimulation. Every time I see the effects of this abuse in the life of others, some who I care deeply and some others I don’t know. In any case, I care and wish for the best. I don want to be lecturing the world about their doings or seeking for global sobriety. Still there is something that bothers me and every day I feel less willing to accept. I can not talk anybody into my beliefs but I can’t stay quiet and accept that there is nothing wrong with it. I grew up in a family of heavy drinkers, Bohemians they liked to call themselves and was introduced to alcohol with the idea that if it was done the right way it would keep me from abusing it and end up holding a bottle in the street wrapped in a paper bag. I didn’t end up like that but learned that there was no difference between me and the man I just pictured. We are both alcoholics, we both lost control and both our lives became unmanageable. We were both going to die sooner than we should and today we both as well share Recovery as we walk one thought away from going back to our personal hells if we don’t do the work.

I see how much our society is brainwashed about the use of alcohol and how important people believe its role is in our lives. This is where I draw the line, I wont keep silence when such absurdity is killing women and men.

In recovery many things change, we grow up, get healthier, fix relationships and businesses, get better jobs, houses and thrive in any possible way we can see. But we also lose a lot, not only friendships we ruined with our behaviour, lies and manipulation but we see others die; this is always painful and hard to go through but specially hurtful when we lose them to addiction. They go to soon, and in ugly painful ways.

All kind of people die to this disease, some never look like the typical alcoholic (not to Normie though, but we know), some are great women or men, succesful, caring, with social committment, religious, family people, good people, They would die suddenly and too young and everybody around would express their surprise and say why, he looked alright, he wasnt sick, etc. Well guess what, he /she was sick, he/she wasnt ok, and nobody wants to say it.

We can’t keep quiet anymore, we can’t ignore the facts and we have to educate kids and change the way we initiate our daughters and sons into adult life. They need to know alcohol and drugs kill, they need to know that nobody needs them to be funny or smart or to have fun or mor important to be accepted or be worth it.


Stay strong, speak up, educate, protect the kids, tell the truth.


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