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July 10, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora

Always keep track of my time sober and clean. Sometimes I think of it more than others. I do it in a different way as I use to in early recovery, it was about adding time in order to feel safe. It made me think that with time I was putting distance in between too and that it will help me stay away from danger. Today I think of that time and try to find what is different in my life after sobering up. I look at my progress and how far I have become but at the same time it shows me that I am still myself and that I am far from perfect and I fall from time to time short in my work of becoming a better version of myself. So time has become part of being aware, a tool to measure unbiased my behavior and my actions to keep myself accountable and avoid complacency. I still procrastinate and leave work undone or drift from the best progress I can make but I stay aware and accept my mistakes and shortcomings.

I am grateful for my program and the life it allows me to have.


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