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Sobriety brings Hope

July 13, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora


I am reflecting a lot in my life lately. These are times of big changes around here and I want to be ready, want to be up to the task. The worst years of my addiction started about 9 years ago; I had just open my second restaurant and was motivated and excited, happy, fulfilled professionally. Personally I had lived a good life but was about to change.

In a matter of months my marriage entered rough times that lead to its end. I seeked refuge in work, party and alcohol. No wonder where it took me. This is a spiral I lived having at bay at times and that would take over at moments too. It took a toll in my biz, my family, friends and everybody and everything around me. Incredibly in the next 6 years I managed to open 2 more restaurants in a different city that crashed and burned of course but my first old one survived the storm.

Long years of living with a crescent intake of booze to numb the feelings, cocaine to keep me going, and pity parties to get attention from others. Bad decisions professionally, personally and spiritually. Went from thin, from social drinker, likable, professional and kind person to overweight, bitter, disgusting, careless, blackout drunk and irresponsible.

During this time I managed to start running again and lose weight, open a nice place (the second out-of-town) and get my shit together for a reasonable period of time. Even looked I could be able to start a nice, healthy relationship with a decent woman. As it says it was possible for some time but only last until my decease came back and I went all the way submerged in the final and nasty last blow that destroyed most of all I had in my material, professional, family and spiritual world. Addiction hit me with its last blow and I almost lost everything, including my life.

This story I have shared and is not really what I am willing to talk today. In my present this comes as a reminder of what happens and where I go if I don’t work in my spiritual, physical and intellectual condition. If I let my ego direct my actions and stop paying attention to my life and the people in it. There is a lot to lose, too much.

It is only a few weeks before I come to a new country with my soon to be a College student; my daughter wich I cant wait to watch becoming an adult. To my wife so we can  start a new life full of projects and excitement; dreams and hope. We are all working in making this happening. I work with my team in Mexico to leave a solid operation that allows me to focus on what I have to do in the US in order to be productive and with the right dedication and work; succesful too.

This is only possible for one simple fact, I am sober today. I don’t know for sure what will happen, how it everything is going to work out. How easy or hard things will go? but I know all will be fine, that whatever happens I have today the tools to accept life, people, situations and destiny for what they are and go through it with a clear head.

I have a program today and that means I have Hope, wich is something I lost in the past and we know that could be the end of everything for us.

Today I am grateful that I found the gift of desperation and accepted complete defeat to my addiction. After that moment, the world opened to me the best part of my life.

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