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July 19, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora

The topic of this morning meeting was Serenity. Definitely one thing I know today is that there are no peace, clarity or serenity in addiction. It is a constant battle and exhausting. You have to lie, manipulate, hide, just to get what you want.

How then we can achieve Serenity in a world like that? Acceptance, it is the main catalyst to start the journey to sobriety. For that we need to accept complete defeat, it’s in our literature. But how can we get that? It’s hard, you need humility, honesty, discipline, awareness. This are qualities we addicts lack of utterly.

Once you are able to accept who you are you take the first step. That will be the first time that we feel what serenity is.

In a way our program is about acceptance over and over, first with our surrender, then with our character defects, later with our inventory, and the result is peace.

It does get better.

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