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August 13, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora

Sobriety is turning my life around no doubt. It began as a struggle to stay clean, a fight against addiction. Substance abuse was not longer doing its job protecting me and providing the strength and confidence I needed. There was fear to fall as it had happened continuously over the course of Eighteen months. At this point, I finally got it; it  started and stays until the present day uninterrupted for almost 3 years.

What my worries are today nothing have to do with being around alcohol or drugs. They simply don’t appear to have room in my life and happenings.

My work everyday is to use the tools I have gotten to progress in my spiritual fitness. I have the awareness to notice soon enough (not always before it happened), to correct my actions when my character defects made appearance in my interactions with others.

I can notice when I am about to lie, manipulate or wrong anyone. Sometimes I stop and avoid it and some others I have to fix it after  it is done before I go further. It is not easy to do whether is simple to understand. So, this is a fun journey for sure and I can see all this as life´s perks. Definitely a great ingredient that makes life richer and richer.

And as I have been taught this skills I notice, out in the world we are still subject to realities different from ours.

Recovery becomes so familiar to me because it is my way of life now. I am surrounded by people who acts and thinks like me and it makes it solid and stronger. On the other hand, as well, There are others that know little or nothing about our spiritual and mind shift and we have to deal with it the same.

Many people notice our change, they comment about how better we look and are aware of our improved behaviour. It is noticeable of course and this is great as it starts opening back to us opportunities and bringing confidence back on us from the outside. In order to keep this and grow we have to maintain strict and hard work on our program and there lies the difference between we addicts and lets call them ¨normal people¨. Time and time goes and I believe this is common until I get to discuss the subject with someone who is not in the program. Avoid this last at all cost. Sobriety is personal.

I didn’t understand the need for anonymity for a very long time, I had to break it and pissed a couple of people after being so carefree about it, Took me awhile to see I can use anonimity about myself the way I please but I can’t touch others´.

The Real World, wich will be the right way to name it and not The Normal World, doesn’t know about Recovery and cares very little. There is a lot of prejudice based on ignorance of course; and that is where anonymity plays the amazing part of allowing us to navigate safe and without unnecessary difficulties in everyday life.

The fun fact is that we are all looking for the same; Alkies, Normies, everybody. The not so fun fact is that we all think our way is the best, that’s just human, but it is what always screws everything up.

Following what my program for living tells me I try to keep myself inside these basics:

1.- Always be aware of my character defects and how they may suddenly appear and play me in my relationships with others.

2.-Recognize when it happens and fix it right there and then.

3.-Keep myself and others in the fellowship protected by respecting their anonymity and the way they live their program.

4.- No matter how much I want to help; keep my opinion to myself unless I am asked for and/or if it is really wanted.

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