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Rock Bottom

August 18, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora


Nobody wants to be an alcoholic, no person looks forward to be sick. At the same time the insanity of keep drinking and using after countless proof of our physical, spiritual and mental health going down. The fact that we addicts wont stop until something terrible happens; I will never understand. Therefore, I just come to accept it and moved on into Recovery.

This moment of acceptance first, followed by surrender is what I can call Rock Bottom. Many times interpreted as the worst we can imagine happening to someone. And as it is  devastating and final, it happens in many different situations and personalities in this world. What Rock Bottom is for me as many may relate, it comes after personal experience and so its meaning.

It can be a near death experience or just a “common sense” or an a-ha moment. Not everyone has to lose everything, die, end up in jail or go insane but, we all most hit the lowest point where we realize we can’t keep going like that and the only option we have is change.

Finding ourselves in that place is brutal and so strong that literally starts the mind shift that makes Recovery possible. It is spiritual, whether religious reasons have something to do with it or not; is the less that matters.

Recovery is a place we addicts come to  start growing into mature human beings. At some point someone asked me once: How does it feel being human again? As insensitive as this question may sound to many; it really hit home.

Whatever it was or is that led you to free yourself from addiction. Embrace it! It was a gift and it gave you a second chance.

Stay strong!

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