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Don,t stay still…

September 5, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora




How Recovery has to change as we all do and become different individuals than we were in the past? I believe and agree that the foundation of recovery needs a very tight structure. Indeed it is this structure and discipline that I lacked of for a very long time.

There are as many say; plenty different options to get sober and clean. Some agree or identify with one or the other and that has a big part in the success in the final result. I have come to learn that in every aspect of life we need to be strict in one hand but we need some flexibility and open-minded on the other.

It is been hard work and a tough road up to here, especially at the beginning of the struggle against addiction. That obsession had control over me and would take over again and again when I let my guard down. I was always a tought from picking up and using every single day, many times I fought every hour. In other occasions, just waking up sober was the single great victory of the day.

I can say I tried everything; and being an entitled, selfish, know-it-all ass, nothing worked and it was not my fault. Coming surrounded by an  “educated background”, people around me were only in favor of Psychology and against 12 steps programs or AA. I was emphatically told not to try any of the because they don’t work, I was going to fail. It was a fact.

Almost 4 and a half years  later and close to 3 years sober and clean, my history  tells a different tale. AA worked for me but, together with Therapy and Treatment. All three of them even failed at some point, but when I joined them as part of my personal development they were the solution.

I get all of them, I understand why people don’t like AA, why they don’t want to go to treatment and why they dont believe in Therapy. Everybody is, at some extent right and also leave room for reasonable doubts. I guess nobody and nothing are perfect or hold the last word about anything. We are all built the same and are completely different.

The one thing that bring us back from the suffering and darkness of self-destruction lies inside of us. We get sober and keep ourselves there. But we need training, we need to learn how to live and accept life. We need to be taught to cope and to feel. We need help and we should ask for it and embrace it in any form it comes. We should try to take it as it fits.

Time pass and we grow and evolve, we change and we can’t always keep with the same solutions or stay ate the same places. Recovery has to move on to a bigger place when our lives grow into busier and more complex times. We need to surround with people in recovery yes, that is crucial for us but, the world is not only people who ar sober and not  all people who is not like us we have to avoid. One of the basic promises in AA, for example; is  that we will become active and productive members of our society and that includes people in or out of recovery. We are part of the same world, we are different but we are the same.

Dont stay still, grow, evolve, embrace the change and live and breathe all of the aspects that are part of the new life youve got.

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