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Life today…

September 11, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora


Waking up can be surprising, we realize only with time how may moments we wasted, how many relationships we broke or harm and how many good people and great stories we cut off by our oblivious passing through life.

The stories we made up to compensate or justify our actions and to create a false image in order to fit in and be accepted. It is just time that brings to us the truth to the surface and it is disheartening sometimes. It is just sad. There are so many things I would like to say, so many words I would like to take back and so many moments that I know I should have behave differently and decisions that should have taken in a completely opposite.

I know, it is not possible, this is just wishful thinking and not even that. It is over and there is no chance to change the past and many times this will  be the price to pay.

These are thoughts and memories that come back every time; often after making amends with the people involved or better said affected by my actions. I am not going into a victim mode with this or holding in the past trying to duel on the impossible wich would be staying in the past. But this feelings are real and inevitably come and reveal themselves to me. It is the truth of my life and the tools for my recovery and growth.

Today it is clear that as I have a chance to live better and I am granted the chance to do something in order to make it up if possible and  there are many times I just have to move on and accept that.

I am ready to embrace all this moments and memories as part of my story. Use them as a light to guide me through the moments where my old ways come up and crawl into my behavior. It is a good feeling that we can heal and get stronger from the very weaknesses that almost killed us in the past. It is great to be alive and be able to feel again; the hope and the lessons.

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