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October 5, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora




It is a long road to get sober and in the beginning has to be a priority to build a structure, to grow and mature so we can protect ourselves from the outside factors that cause our addiction. This is hard to do since the real problem is inside of us. Still, the outside consequences have to be isolated in order to have a safe haven to work at peace in our inside.

Once we do this, and the obsession is gone and the habit kicked, life gets better and we may fall complacent. Why is this? Well, we stopped working on the root. This new life, became possible after a lot of work and we know it has to be continuous. It is an everyday task we need to tackle, because we are not perfect, but we can progress.

After 1026 days I finally admitted something wasnt right.I am sober but feel odd. I come to accept that for some time I wasnt at ease and that I let the outside world and the everyday situations take the first role in my head and disconnect from my spiritual care. I was overwhelmed by trying to juggle my life affairs (trying to build a better future for me and people I care for) because, I stopped doing my inner work.

It took a while, certainly the hurt or the consequences are not even close to those in my addiction days but they exist and honestly, there is no need. We know better.

Once again, acceptance and humility lead to awareness. This last one, starts again the work on our character defects and put us back in the road to progress.



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