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Stay Sober

October 22, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora

AA chip

AA gave me the structure that I needed to get sober, There was no way I could have succeeded if not for the program. Even my therapist, an old school Psychologist admitted how important was for me and how she could see me growing and improving thanks to that.

For me, it was several ingredients that consolidate my recovery and can’t see the result today if it wasn’t for any of them. But, for sure it was the fellowship the one that guided in “real time” my path to get better. I understand and live my every day using the tools that AA gave me; they seem to be habits and costumes almost as reflexes in my behavior. They are part of me, they make me who I am today.

My life has changed so much, I recovered the ambition and the ability to dream again. At the same time I moved on from situations and relationships, and I am aware I will still be moving on from more as a result of this new journey.

I have met a lot of people in recovery, living sober somehow makes you gravitate with people in the same situation. It is funny, hard to explain; maybe it was always like that but I can’t remember meeting so many people sober in the past. I certainly met a lot of heavy drinkers and users. Nowadays it looks like a trend, a fashion sometimes. I know more and more people want to be healthy but the sobriety thing seems to be becoming more popular (maybe it is just me).

One person was talking about some documentary or film about AA people willing to leave the anonymous part. That how they believe that could help to acceptance from the normies to the disease of addiction and so. Personally, I am not sure, I have been in situations where I saw, losing the anonymity didn’t go well. And still agree with the part that as an individual, you should decide whether you share or not certain personal issues.

Once the obsession is gone, and we are able to build a life that is separate from alcohol (from our behalf), we need to come back to what you may call normal. I understand the importance of having friends and relationships with other sober people and to be close to the recovery community. But isn’t it the real world just a mix of people with different beliefs, ideas, backgrounds, and culture? We can´t live apart from the rest, and we cant either forget where we come from. That is basic for any human being, not only addicts.

So maybe there is not much to search for anymore, maybe this constant looking for answers leads nowhere, it only makes us uneasy; that is what keeps us away from serenity and fulfillment. Let’s live today and accept it the way it is, try to be better and use your tools to be aware of what needs to be improved and to recognize the moment when we just need to see life as a miracle that just happens.

Stay sober.

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