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Follow the path

November 9, 2018

Eduardo Glen Mora


We are continually trying to be better and to stay in the light but; we are human, and it is our nature that we fall short. This is part of who we are and something we can not change, the real job there is to accept it. We are not perfect creatures and have flaws, but we have been given reason and freedom of choice to reach awareness and improve as we walk in our journey.

There have been others that crossed the same path and left their knowledge behind so we can follow their footprints. As someone who found the way out of my hell and was granted a second chance, I see this often. I can fall into my humanity, and it is ok. What is required from me is to apply my tools and follow the path I was taught to accept my shortcomings and get back on track on my way to progress.

I pledge to be aware and humble and to do my best to follow my program. It doesn’t matter how far I am from perfect because that is not my aim. I am thankful for the freedom of choice and the gift of desperation that brought me into a path to recovery and hope I can be a better human being to those in my life who belong to my heart.


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