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January 6, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora



There are many things out of our control happening around us and forces that can influence people we care for. Sometimes we can feel this in a conversation. Our intuition points us that something is not quite right, it feels like a premonition, but it could be hard to identify precisely what it is. However, we get an underlying sense of the reason. When the relationships surrounding these events are complicated, and we must restrain our response to avoid misinterpretations, it becomes tougher, and we may feel uneasy and anxious.

We always want to give the right advice; it is, after all, our duty (many of us feel) to do what we can to guide and help our loved ones. It possibly won’t go the way we try even when we have the best intentions. We may not be able to communicate clearly, or the other person may not be ready, open to understanding our comments.

So, what do we do? It is very little what we can, and it is hard because we will probably see our worst fears or worries unfold. The fact here is, and we learned it the tough way and first hand in recovery; that most often, everyone has to go through their fails, unpleasant situations, and hardships to grow up.

At times we feel it is not fair because it seems that our view was correct but, in the end even if this was right, it is their life, and we can’t decide the choices others make. It is not easy to stay aside when we care for the person, but we need to let go.

And there it is where we find the lesson for our learning, for our personal spiritual growth. These moments show us that the journey is about progress and it never stops. So, buckle up, pay attention and enjoy the ride.

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