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April 1, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora


Interaction with people become challenging and surprising in Recovery. Sobriety becomes our lifestyle and like any other, after the adjustment to it, it turns natural and an everyday operation sort of speak. We live our lives as if it was like that since the beginning. It is real for us until our relationships with others outside our programs show us how different the perspective is coming from the regular world.

Disbelief, doubts, but most of all poor understanding of how addiction works. Therefore, the actions and changes we have done and need to maintain in our lives to keep us where we are today separate us from the world. We lose friends and grow apart from family members. Just like us at one time; everybody thinks of addiction as something temporary or transitional. The notion that it is not a phase of development that will be ended by the accumulation of knowledge or awakening but through constant and permanent work is not understood. It shows us how this condition is often dismissed and underestimated. At the same time, it stigmatize the individual who carries it. Nothing really to take personal or to be offended by but important to consider.

I have experienced though, that with enough time and at the right moment; people stop feeling threatened and become open to listening. Then, very often they experience a big a-ha moment of the reasons that made us change and sent us into the healing path we now enjoy. This changes completely the tone of the relationship, gets rid of the bitterness product of the fear caused by the no-understanding of the changes we made and the road we took after entering into sobriety.

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