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Sober is right for me…

May 9, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora


Recovery changes or we change in recovery? Every step forward into a new level of growth manifests itself and brings us into a moment of reflexion. It used to be every accomplished year of sobriety; this time a new change came earlier; a lot has happened in my almost five months passed my third year clean. A few notable events that would have shaken or strengthen my recovery in past the past; one, both the natural, expected death of relatives that belong to the older generation that started to leave us and the other (our generation) losing too soon their lives to addiction. Projects, goals, and dreams come true and lost equally after a lot of work and anticipation and hope in the person of my daughter and my son starting their lives as grown adults. Seems like a lot to go through in such a short time, or at least it would have been certainly in early sobriety. Today it appears that is only life happening with good and bad stuff coming our way some as consequences of our choices and some others as simple reality bites we have no control over. Either way, it is only life happening to us as it does to everybody else. These events are big to me, not anymore in the sense of justifying myself acting in victim mode or blaming the world from my failures or bad luck but, in recognizing that today, I can go through them in acceptance and gratitude being aware of how far I have walked without forgetting where I come from.
I can see that everything is in the right place because it is the right time for it. That everything that happened made this moment possible and that I must embrace the outcome as a milestone and perhaps, make a pause, sit back, relax a little and prepare for what it comes next.

Sober is the right path for me, and I have no regrets about my past; only the appreciation for the lessons it brought to me.
Stay strong.

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