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Embrace yourself…

May 16, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora



What are my main concerns today? My mind can go randomly from memories on the first days of my recovery to the thought or questions that I had a few days ago. These are two different realities from different lives certainly but can’t be apart from one another. They keep my awareness in check; they force me always in an exercise that brings my feet to the ground and reminds me how I get here; what I lost and what I have been able to build as I grow into a better human being.

Sometimes it is hard to believe how much, things that seem simple today did trouble me and how they stopped me from keeping my sobriety. It looks like no matter how much I think I have learned; my ego brings me back to believe that I have achieved a superior level that makes me better than others. I know now this means, that I am human, and my flaws will always be there. Judging instead of embracing what and who I am is something I do even to myself, why wouldn’t I do it to others?
After all the loss, once I worked on better myself I am able to listen and accept what others have to say and open my mind to feedback and advice; even to criticism; this allows me to make amends and have empathy with the people in my everyday life. It does improve my relationships and helps me to keep my side of the street clean the best way I can.

Acceptance to one brings us humility and help us see and be able to take the gifts life and human beings are kindly and generously delivering to us.

Be present, accept the past and embrace yourself into the journey.

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