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Live Sober

May 26, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora



Am I genuinely living sober? It is a simple but powerful question; it is thought-provoking. Makes my reflection about how I keep my recovery checked, how I am putting in action my program. As my addiction never leaves, and it is only its active side that it is an arrest, so my recovery needs to take action and practice its gratitude by helping others.

Many times, I just glide through sobriety and drift away from meetings or fellow alcoholics. It is reasonable since now I am wholeheartedly trying to restore and take back my life; however, I must not forget that there was always someone for me when I needed and I should do the same for the newcomers.

There are people I see following the path that nearly took my life and did so to others I knew, but I can’t do anything since it is about attraction and not by promotion that this program works. Recovery is changing my life, and I wish many others were able to be a part of it, sometimes it is sad and heartbreaking the feeling of not being able to share it. I can only wish for everybody to reach that moment of desperation that allowed me to accept I had a problem and seek help.

It is common to get caught in every day’s events, and distance from personal work but to be aware and go back on track can be done if we ask ourselves how truthfully we are living sober.

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