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Take a step back to get a wider view…

May 29, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora

Sometimes people are caught up in their struggles or problems that they can’t listen. Something is bothering them and they just react instead of engaging. This makes us react as well and we may fall into their same attitude because just like others we also have issues and flaws that in stressful situations and har times come to the surface and make us act out.

It would be hard to avoid all situations like this or even have the right thinking to take a second and don’t engage in the same behaviors. That is why awareness of our own character defects help us to keep serene allowing us to step back and asses what is going on and try to make it better.

It is hard, and we will fail at times; it takes a lot of humility and self knowledge, a lot of work but it will make our relationships and life much easier.

Keeping our inventory and remembering where we come from will help us be the better person at difficult times.

Stay strong.

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