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What we learn

August 8, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora



We learn about kindness and empathy. We turn our life to service and be present for the ones that seek for help. We work on being accountable and make Recovery our hottest commodity. Put our new life in order and keep our shortcomings in check. An yet, we fall short sometimes. Staying humble and with a clear mind doesn’t always come easy.

Our past was full of disappointment and selfishness to others. Hurt and manipulation were the norms, and people close to us suffered and were affected by it. It is hard for them to trust that we suddenly change and they expect to see the old ways coming back. In a way they are right, we can’t be perfect, and we will fail at some point, especially if our amends aren’t complete.
We are only human and can’t help that, but we have learned to stay aware of our faults and make an inventory to take back the right track.

Staying healthy is achieved by keeping in check of our bad moments; it means Personal Inventory and Rigorous Honesty.

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