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October 12, 2019

Eduardo Glen Mora





The way to understand the expression: ¨living life to the fullest¨ has changed dramatically in the past two years. It is trying to be prudent and not to compare it from what it meant 3.8 years ago.
The madness and recklessness, the oblivion and, the self-centeredness, and self-inflicted suffering seem now absurd and surreal.

Sometimes, people we loved try to make contact. However, they keep some distance, avoid the face to face confrontation needed to make amends and the eventual healing. We can tell what is going on and feel the hurting because we have been there. But we have learned the hard way that sometimes we will not be able to deliver the message just because we are to close to the pain that caused the downfall.
It is useless to punish ourselves or harbor guilt; the healing will come if there are a time and will. We must stay apart and wish for good.

Let us comfort in the fact that, when someone accepts defeat and finds help, life changes exponentially. The gift of sobriety will provide new meaning, and living to the fullest will be in place.

Stay strong; from here, it only gets better.

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