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Life, Light and Darkness in the times of Corona

April 8, 2020

Eduardo Glen Mora



Suddenly, everything stopped! In the beginning, it was too far. It seemed like many other times when it all affects others but doesn’t get near us but, it did. It is all over the world, and it is true. This time is going to show us that we may have been wrong in our priorities. There is no certainty that it will be a date when it is under control, and besides, we don’t know how bad the effects and for how long after they will last in our every day lives.

There is a lot of thinking and wondering and pondering, and, at the same time, there is a strange fear that things will or not be back to normal. It is a devastating psychological effect. Is my business going to last? Will I have to re-invent myself and start all over from zero? Will I be able to take care of the people I love and help the people that are part of my team and depend on me? I honestly don’t have an answer. This outcome is not the way I imagined it was ever going to be. Fear starts creeping in and brings a lot of anxiety. One of my worst nightmares was to end up in the street and without the ability or worse, the time to fix it, to build something back up.
I think of how it is to me and, at the same time, know that everyone is going through this and many, are in more difficult situations than I am.
I know what is to be poor. I know what it is to be hungry. I know that those feelings are overwhelming and can paralyze a person, that desperation is sometimes a catalyst for growth but can also be a powerful ingredient for despair.

In the middle of all this, we are still dealing with our everyday lives. We had our projects and our problems. We are trying to take care of ourselves and others and navigate the storm.

I reached an age where it is definite and closer to my mortality, I realize that every moment is precious and that I wasted many. That nothing has any value in life unless you have someone to share it. I start understanding why my mother turns back to her religion and closer to the values he had abandoned. She grabs fiercely to all she learned when growing up.

I see the same with people I know and recognize that we are all the same. That people may live in totally different situations and cultures, with utterly diverse opportunities or disadvantages but, when we are all down of time and health, we fall in panic and run trying to find shelter and protection.

Today you can see the same fear in the poor that don’t know if they are going to be able to make money to feed their own and in the rich that realize the money they got is good for nothing. Both are captured in their homes, scared to death to go out. Nobody wants to die. No one knows how to fix this.

We want to help, but not everyone can find the way. We all have the light and the compassion but, our ego and selfishness drag us to our darkness. We are all pulled by these forces that our conscience battles all the time.

We have indeed misinterpreted the road to growth and ignored empathy. Our instincts and deliriums have seduced us and made us less human.
So, what is it? Today is the time, but what are we going to do? How do we get the acceptance and stay humble in our frailty and embrace that we are powerless? It is the most challenging moment of the life of the collective. I hope we can find the wisdom to go to the simplicity of our most basic soul and see that we need to start living within again.

Peace to all. Stay strong.

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