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Humble ourselves.

May 12, 2020

Eduardo Glen Mora



To accept that we are looking at life with a narrow mind is not easy. It takes a lot of work, especially when we keep finding disappointment where we should be grateful. As kids, and when we are growing up, it is normal that in adverse situations to feel that life is unfair and we are alone against the world. We don’t have experience or enough tools to deal with these bumps in the road, but after years of learning and failures, we can’t use that excuse anymore.

Life struggles are something we cant personalize. When a person dear to us is going through illness, he or she is the one affected, not us. Compassion and love must go to this person since they are fighting to get better. We need to channel our energy positively, We need to send strength and love.

It is not easy. Long hours start causing stress and affect hope. We feel betrayed and alone. We want to see how our efforts help our loved one recover. It is sad to accept that they will not.

We have the tools to go through this and to understand that once more, we have no control over the situation. We need to humble ourselves and find acceptance and serenity in the fact that we are there for our loved one and that we tried our best.

Spiritual growth doesn’t come without hard work.

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